Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fancy a coffee on the terrace!!!

Brrrrrrrr!!! It is cold here right now. Everything is frozen - even the streets. It reminds me of China when I was there ten years ago. I visited a hanging monastery out near Datong and I don't think I remember ever being as cold as I was then.

Hanging monastery

After that D and I went to another town, Pingyao, which was probably one of the most atmospheric Chinese towns we visited but we stayed in a freezing place with incredibly stinky drains! ( and I am quite the appreciater of stinky drains so they must have been bad!!)
believe me - I was cold
It is probably not as cold here in Basel as it was back then but it is still relentless and bitter and uncompromising on the face. O, for a cuddle from Slaven Bilic to keep me warm!!!!

At least in a couple of weeks I am going to Istanbul for a change of scene for few days ( or perhaps longer - who knows!!). Although I believe it to be very cold there right now too.  I am looking forward to hearing the call to prayer in the morning . I like it.  I like the sound . I like the idea of people calling out to God. Can you hear me? Are you there?  I also like the fact that when I hear it  I know it is still very early and I don't have to get up yet.
But I still have a lot to do before I go: teach many monsters, swim many laps, have an ambulatory plebectomy. No rest for the wicked huh!

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