Friday, 16 March 2012

I'llbe there

So I have been back from Istanbul for a little while now. I actually squeezed in a trip to Volendam last weekend to see an old school friend but I'm going to save that festival of cheese for another blog entry. No. Today I want to talk about Syria as I will go on the march in Zurich tomorrow. The march is part of the Global March for Syria event which is taking place around the world this weekend. I am feeling very nervous about turning up there alone for some reason which is strange given I turned up alone in Syria three times.  I think it is an attack of shyness. Aaaargh! Ridiculous! I mean when you think about what it is for and who it is for a little bit of social anxiety would almost be laughable if it were not for how deeply horrific the whole situation is. I know going on a march is a tiny thing to do. I hate how small it is but I am at a loss at how else to help this country except to keep telling anyone and everyone I meet not to forget this country. Not to give up on her. To love her not fear her. And to pray her people will soon find peace and freedom.
 I have attached here a lovely video of Syria made by Ruslan Fedetow. I think it sums up the country beautifully and is what my heart remembers.

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