Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mountainy Goodness

Visiting Z
So my dear pal Z came to Switzerland for the weekend so I took her to the mountains for some mountainy goodness. Most of the people on the mountain were there to ski but we were more of the apre-skier types. The weather was glorious and the crisp air was filled with the majestic hush of the mountains (apart from the rather magnificent coke burp I accidentally let rip at an outdoor ski lodge. Any closer to the slopes and it might have caused an avalanche but instead it garnered a lot of 'zum volls' from my neighbours. Dare I say a little respect - such was its boldness and its deep reverberating tones.)  Of course being a laydee I  was deeply embarrassed but nature can catch us by surprise at any time. 
place of coke happenstance

Ah and speaking of nature - how could you not love the view from our hostel window. 

Or the frolicksome snow!!

Or the opportunity for good wine.

Obviously I felt we had to give a little bit back to the mountain folk in the afternoon so I decided to unilaterally help the farmers. 

Which was clearly appreciated by the cows...

and the goats...

Oh and the Easter bunny!!!

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