Monday, 19 March 2012

Grumpy the elf

Hmmm I am tired of people telling me I look tired. It just makes me feel bad... and even more tired. I find I feel particularly tired when I have spend a decent amount of time planning a dynamic conversation lesson and I bring it to class and no one wants to speak. No one wants to give an opinion. And it's not like I am asking them controversial things ( e.g. Why does Switzerland need an army anyway?) I'm asking them about their favorite kind of music, a musician they might like to meet, a song that they love. And they sit there and say I can't think of anything ( or my personal favorite 'I have no fantasy') and yes I look weary and tired and worn out.So I go home feeling spent and without any energy left to write, to paint stones, to swim, even to read. Wah wah wah!  I know I sound grumpy but I'm allowed to be, aren't I? Go on just for a day

Here's to Syria  and better days!!


Katrin said...

But this evening you had a cheerful lesson,havent you?
And nice pupils! And you are a good teacher, but i think you should better change your life to be really happy...:-)

Joanna said...

Yes Tonight was a lovely lesson with my favourite people -so I have energy again :-)xo

Anonymous said...

Controversial questions are better