Wednesday, 4 February 2015

if Money were....

Somehow, divinely, I only have two hours of teaching tomorrow ( with my gozde (favorite) student) and then nothing until Monday. Almost 4 straight days off. What shall I do with myself apart from counting coins of which I have very few until pay day. If money were no object, I'd eat a full Turkish breakfast in Besiktas with a cappuccino, I'd buy books which I would read over chocolate cake and kaymak. I'd buy fine cuts for my girls and a cushion for myself. I'd visit Pinkberry's and take a ferry over to the Princes' Islands. I'd buy toys for the Pirate and for a wee little cat I know who is currently recovering in hospital after a back-leg amputation. I'd find Jimmy the bootman and take him to lunch. I'd drink champagne with a view and visit the Pera Museum. I'd eat Gruyere cheese and fix my broken phone.
Hmmm it seems that I would do a lot of eating over these days. Maybe it is lucky I am constrained by a few coins.

So instead I shall walk.
And try to write. 

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