Thursday, 5 February 2015

delinquent swagger

So The Pirate has been with me for almost one week. Three Paw has adopted a position of stoic-miffedness but it hasn't stopped her eating or tricking me into treats. The Pirate has developed quite a delinquent swagger ( I can only assume she learnt it from her Uncle!) It means she is throwing her hips about the place in increasingly wider circles.  She encountered her first set of stairs this week too. At first she was terrified but now she 'owns' them and as they have gaps between them she can watch with her one eye everyone who is coming and going.
Piles of manly allurement
She spends a lot of time sniffing the washing of my flatmate which he lives lying about in alluring piles. At first I felt bad, thinking she might be missing her old home but then I reminded myself she is a cat and if I asked her she would probably just say ' Uncle who?'
Of course I worry about Three Paw finding her groove again but really everything is going as I might have expected. No dramas are afoot as some might expect. In fact it's all pretty rosy. Even my rabies' needles (which I am developing more and more side effects to every time I have one) will soon be over.  Only one more to go  - Thank Goodness - the headaches are killers.

Now come back story-brain :-)

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