Saturday, 7 February 2015


Yesterday in Ortaköy
Today is the two year anniversary since I arrived in Istanbul. I remember waiting at the airport for a car that didn't come. The driver's name was Metin and when he eventually arrived he said it was the traffic although I think he had forgotten. Now I laugh and talk with Metin at least twice a week as he drives me round town for classes.
I remember him dropping me off at the As Hotel in Taksim. My room was really shabby and dirty and as I climbed into my bed I cried and wished I had made other choices. If I could have that day back again,  I would actually make another choice. Whether the choice would have worked out I don't know but I would have liked to try. That does not mean I am unhappy I stayed here either. So many other things have come out of the choice I made. And as I look across at Three Paw and The Pirate sleeping on my bed I know which choice they are glad I made.

To celebrate my two year anniversary I am going to have a Turkish breakfast and later I am going to go to the Cat Quiz Night where I will meet up with people who represent the good points of my choice all those months ago.

Soon though I feel it will be time for me to choose again.

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