Wednesday, 17 September 2014


 Today dad and I visited the QANTAS Founder's museum  in Longreach. Now  I was once informed that QANTAS actually stood for Queers And Nymphos Trained As Stewards but I can safely reassure you  that this is most definitely incorrect and it actually stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service. I know, I know.  I really should have known that but there is a lot I should know and don't and probably even more I do know that I shouldn't - like how many Tiny Teddies can fit up the average nostril etc.
Anyhow I found the museum very interesting and really began to appreciate just how  important a regional air service must have been for the outback all those years ago. It is kind of sad to see  the state of QANTAS today when you consider its pioneering beginning.

Just call me Cap'n

If I were to choose a favorite character from QANTAS's early days I would have to pick the engineer Arthur Baird. Clever, rugged, good with his hands. I could smell the oil and sweat oozing off him even from the grainy black and white pictures. Honestly, I really didn't know I had thing for sudoric engineers until this day. Then again the museum is on the torrid side of the Line of Capricorn so that may explain something.

I've added a bit of plane porn here for those who like it.

Outside the museum is a huge jumbo jet you can take a tour of if you wish.  As I would prefer not to know what first class looks like, I gave the 20$ tour  a miss.

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