Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Wo ist mein mojo?

Today was probably the worst class I have ever taught. 
Can a teacher actually lose their mojo after only one day off? It was truly awful. And as it unravelled in front of me I realised I didn't have the right spirit or even the ability to fix it. 
To be fair it was hopefully not all my fault - the class was small - the topic was horrid ( reported speech) - the students were tired - but somehow I feel responsible for all of this and it is going to eat at me now.  I know my self-confidence/ my joie de vivre this year has largely hung by a shred but today it seemed to plummet even more deeply. 

I suppose I should take heart from a review by Dark Cargo  that came out a few days ago about CP1.

" My favourite from the collection is “The Moon-Keeper’s Friend” by Joanna Galbraith, because it speaks to my sense of wonder and delight, its pun on the word moon being the almond sugar on that little pastry of a story."

But after today's little teaching disaster somehow  it doesn't!

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Z said...

technical problems experienced commenting - this actually applied to the post about scummy landlord - what a boil on the arse of humanity RAH

hang in there lovely xox xoxo