Sunday, 11 December 2011

Activities for 'one'

Today the shops were open in Basel. Woo Hoo. This is great because it means the centre of town is humming with activity instead of undergoing a short course of death which is its usual Sunday position. Of course tomato handbag and I decided we should go out and be a part of the hum for a couple of hours. It was either that or sort out my sock drawer.
I like taking tomato handbag out because she always attracts smiles from people and it is nice to see people smile instead of grimace. The downside of tomato handbag ( I know - almost unbelievable)  is that she is a spendaholic.
'Oooh look Joanna. See that dress it would go great with me, don't you think?'
'Ooh Joanna look at that jar of  tomato chutney -I think it's my brother. We have to give it a home now.'
'Ooh Joanna look at that lovely little purse shaped like a spaceman.  It will fit perfectly inside me.'
So yes I did come home with rather a lot of shopping. Three dresses in fact - two of them almost the same just different colours. I actually wore a brown version of the dress earlier this week at school and attracted so much praise I thought I should probably get one in each colour - you gotta take the glory where you can!
 After all my shopping I went to my  handbag nemesis Manor for a cup of coffee. They do the best cappuccino which almost makes up for the fact that it is really a den of thieves.

When I got home I decided to do things with the word 'one' in it like make scones and paint stones. Obviously as you can see these scones are my first effort ever and are not the lovely smooth delights one would find in a Devonshire teashop.  The potential for a cheesy look-I-made-scones face though could not be resisted.

 After making the scones I decided to  sketch a few outlines on some stones - a girl with a balloon, a whirling dervish, a dog and some flowers.  Here are some stones I have been working on recently.

I just have to finish by saying last night I watched the most sublime performance of the Argentine Tango by Jason Donovan!!!! I know I know.  But really it was absolutely stunning.

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