Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bretzel anyone

So I went and visited the Christmas Market in Colmar, France, a few days ago. Colmar is a pretty Alsatian town ( and sadly no  - it is not actually run by alsatians) which is about a forty-five minute train ride from Basel. I believe Colmar to be quite  shrewd because their Christmas Market remains open until December 31st instead of the usual before Christmas closing!! Surely such business acumen will lead to the resurrection of the entire European economy  if enough people buy buy buy.

Sadly for me I did not see much to buy buy buy.

I mean there were bretzels of course which should always be appreciated for their complicated knots.
And sweets too - if you like dried fruit and marzipan!

There was lots of other kitsch Christmas hoop-la too which can be admired from afar but should not be purchased at least not by me because kitsch things always have a way of finding their way into my heart and the do-not-bin pile. Quite cluttersome really.

Anyway my intentions were good but after I found no place serving fresh onion soup or tart I had to take myself home and make some myself.

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