Monday, 12 September 2011

Tomato Handbag's adventures in man-land part 2

So tomato handbag and I decided to visit the epicentre of Bernese Man-Land - the 360° revolving restaurant on top of the Schiltorn. The Schiltorn is 2930 m high and  was used  in the James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."
Obviously the first thing one must do is ascend the Schiltorn from Mürren via two cable cars. (Of course there is the climbing option too!!) The cable cars give beautiful views over the mountains for everyone except those who are genetically blessed with being the exact same height as the cable bar.

Once at the top there are a myriad of activites for a gal and her tomato handbag to do including:
Posing like Jame Bond                                 


Posing with other James Bond posers

Regarding the view from the revolving restaurant

Did I mention posing Like James Bond?
Oh and posing like JB's girlfriend too!

Soon it was time to leave and tomato handbag announced her desire to be the first fruit-shaped handbag ever to descend the Schiltorn on foot. After a few minutes pondering whether in fact this was a good idea ( as  most other climbers seemed to be more sensibly attired with backpacks and walking sticks) we took to the mountain. I mean who am I to deny a handbag her dream!

I believe the descent may have been a little easier on the tomato than my knees.     

But tomato handbag's safety was of course paramount!
Happily there were lots of opportunities to collect stones for painting!

And also to do some stone laying

And general appreciation of the rarver spectacular views.


Anonymous said...

Do you have an invisible travelling partner or a tripod? Who is taking these photos?

Joanna said...

it's all satellite baby! Or maybe it's a stalker? or maybe it is a tripod ( of sorts!)

Anonymous said...

Of course... the old satellite ploy. Ms Bond you know you will have a laser pointed at your woman's area unless you tell me the truth. I like to stroke my pu... cat whilst I contemplate evil deeds.

Joanna said... was Alf the cat. He did a photography course at Migros so I let him come along for the trip.