Thursday, 29 September 2011

Queen of home hazards

Hmmm I just smashed one of the lovely champagne glasses the wise woman  gave me many eons ago. ( I put her name in pink because Ulla my shopping trolley is also pink and she is very wise). I suppose I was due a bit of  "scherben bringen gluck" and really I should be  impressed that it lasted this long. Besides my apartment does look a bit like a paper and plastic bomb went off in it at the moment so there were bound to be casualties.
Now there is, of course, a good reason for my mess (apart from my usual genetic disposition towards  this particular state) and this is because I am moving. I gave my landlord notice a month ago in my best German writing. Well I thought I had but then I heard nothing and worried perhaps I had insulted his favourite pony instead. So I rang him and he said it was fine. He had already found someone which is great because I hate showing people around. Now comes the hard work. Packing, sorting, liftng, smashing, trying not to become nostalgic about the floor that I have spent so much time on or about Abdullah the elevator who has been such a loyal friend to me over the past months and has let me cry on his 70s decor shoulders on more than one occasion.

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