Wednesday, 28 September 2011

have your cake...

Yesterday I was feeling low ( actually I still feel low today and at a pinch I guess I'm going to feel low tomorrow too.) Anyway I was told to draw a picture of Black Forest cake to help me feel better... which dutifully did I. (I am a Taurean and therefore stubborn but sometimes I can be very obedient! Especially if there is the promise of any form.) I can't say it made me feel much better but I do know that last night for the first time in ages my dreams weren't full of crazy knife-wielding strangers,  sad men on bicycles, roller-coasters and angry unicorns. Maybe there was something in the cake after all. 

Sometimes I think - for a hermit - teaching is the wrong profession for me. I mean I like teaching. I like being creative. I like not being in an office. I like making students say 'comfortable' and 'th' but it is exhausting for someone with a reclusive gene such as mine.
But then I remind myself that my real, true-heart profession is to write anyway but until and unless I find the means to make this happen I must continue with the Joanna Show week after week.

It could be worse could be a lot worse.

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