Thursday, 8 September 2011

Phoenix Fattoush

Fattoush lives!!!!
She had an organ flown in from Taiwan and is currently under observation by her highly skilled IT surgeon.  She still needs a crash cart from time to time but she is no longer incomprehensible and upside down.  Of course the  final tests are not in yet but when I visited her yesterday and she looked up at me without blinking once I felt very optimistic that she may be saved. I admit though that I think she may well have left me on Skyros for a higher purpose (to allow me to discover the joy of painting stones) and for this I will always be grateful to her.
Apart from the revival of Fattoush I have to say I have found this to be a hard week. The longer I am back in Basel the more I feel the Skyrian sunshine slipping away. I am doing my best to keep it alive but it is hard not to fall into old familiar traps. Old patterns, old feelings, old worries, old ways. Although this week at least I asserted myself at work regarding my working hours - unglaublich! For the first twenty-four hours after I had done it I felt guilty but then I realised it wasn't guilt at all.  It was simply an uneasiness at having done something that I don't often do which is stand up for myself!

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Anonymous said...

Yay Fatoush!! and Yay YOU - stand up hon tell them where to go xoxo