Friday, 9 September 2011

Tomato handbag's adventures in man-land part 1

So tomato handbag and I decided to head for Lauterbrunnen Valley for the weekend for some mountain action. Actually I have decided that this whole area should be renamed Man-Land because it is a veritable feast of man-related words and activities (e.g. cog train, gondola, cable car, barometric pressure, altitude, helicopters, airplanes, paragliders, base jumpers, terminal verlocity, cubic tonnes of water, wurst, bier, Jungfrau etc) Fortunately there are plenty of things to keep myself and the handbag happy too... ( oh and my very sensible strappy sandal hiking shoes.)

Stay tuned for tomato handbag's fearless descent from the Schiltorn (minus the strappy sandals!)

1 comment:

Stinkfest Von Tramphosen said...

If I wasn't so busy being the stinkiest tramp in the northern hemisphere I would liked to have said that these photographs are amazing and made even more beautiful with your presence in them. You have become my fantasy Heidi. Here's hoping you or evil twin have kept the outfit.