Monday, 21 March 2011

Wicked Game

I first heard the song Wicked Game by Chris Isaac when I was about 20 years old. I fell in love with it immediately and since then it has remained my favourite song in the world ( despite some stiff competition from Mr. Blunt, U2, Reamonn, Billie Holiday and Puccini.) Funnily enough even though I loved it, the first few years of our relationship were quite tumultumous because  I could never remember its name. Fortunately my friend, the Wise Woman, was always on hand to remind me.


'So Wise Woman, what is the name of that I song I love. You know la la la oooh woo I don't want to fall in love...'
'Wicked Game by Chris Isaac.'
'Thank you, Wise Woman.'
'Da nada' (She was studying Spanish at the time.)

One week later...

'So Wise Woman, what is the name of that I song I love. You know la la la oooh woo I don't want to fall in love...'
'Wicked Game by Chris Isaac.'
'Thank you Wise Woman.'

You get the picture!

Fortunately the Wise Woman was so wise she gave me my very own copy  for my 23rd birthday so I would never forget it again. This was especially wise as she was about to leave me for foreign lands and she knew I would not function without her nearby to remind me on a weekly basis. Praise be to the Wise Woman

I still have the copy she gave to me then. It is actually sitting in my cd rack here in Switzerland now. Of course I absolutely adore the original but I do love the version Rebecca Ferguson of X- Factor fame did last November too. To be honest I'm not even sure why I love this song so much. Maybe it is that  sublimely beautiful collision of melody, lyric and soul which happens so rarely in a song these days or perhaps it the raw truthfulness of it. I suppose it doesn't really matter. I love this song and it resonates in a painful, melancholic way  with me and countless others too no doubt.

Now why I mention this song is actually because of the comment put under my last blog entry by Lo Stinky Il Vagobondo -  a dear friend from London with a penchant for twins! Thank you Lo Stinky. Whether he knew it was my favourite song or he just knew it was apt I am not sure but it was such a beautiful bit of poetry to add to my blog I just had to thank him.


As an end note I would just like to add that another thing crazy blue chandelier person has done in her past ( instead of just lying flat and wasted in her bed)  is  to dance like Fred and Ginger down the stairs of Charing Cross with her old friend, Lo Stinky.
Thank you Trafalgar Square twirler , I remember each night and how we danced like little gods.

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UK said...

...but well worth it. Each CD just gets better and you can see the improvement in the way the voices interact. Seb especially just blew me away.

While I like most of the songs on this CD, I'm torn between Crying and Come What May as my favorites. Crying always belonged to Roy Orbison, but dueting with Rebekah del Rio really put the Il Divo version over the top. Just beautiful.

I might wish for more tracks, but this CD is well worth the money. I highly recommend it.