Saturday, 5 March 2011


This afternoon I was walking home when a tiny girl of about five suddenly stopped in front of me. Her mouth dropped open and her blue eyes nearly fell out of her head. Then she began to skip around me smiling as wild as summer. Her father called out to her to hurry up and she sighed (in English) 'But Daddy she has the most beautiful skirt!' I gave her a smile and held my skirt out for her to touch. She was so joyful it made my heart ache ( in a good way for once!)

I look forward to the day when I find a skirt of my own to circle again.

On another note a good friend sent me a proverb by Hazrath Inayat Khan: "Die Reise beginnt mit einem Weg voller Dornen und der Reisende muss barfuss gehen" (the way of your voyage at the beginning is full of spines and you have to walk barefoot). I hope the spines and barefootedness are worth it in the end. I think that they must be.

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miss_belle said...

in my mind you were wearing this skirt: