Saturday, 24 April 2010


Tonight I made stuffed courgettes with tomato sauce accompanied by rice infused with real strands of saffron. I took the recipe from my bible 'Damascus: Taste of a City' although of course I tweaked it a bit as I am incapable of following a recipe from beginning to end without some sort of deviation. (Measurements are so boring - I mean how different can 10 gloves of garlic really be from 1?) The meal actually turned out quite well apart from the layer of burnt rice on the bottom of my only saucepan which I have decided to ignore by hiding it in the fridge until at least tomorrow.
Now I plan to sit down with Kahlil Gibran ( not literally) and continue reading 'The Prophet'. He writes so beautifully and so truthfully that when I read his voice I swear I feel as if he is sitting next to me telling me himself.

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