Tuesday, 20 April 2010

beware the hungry elevator

Today as Ulla and I were walking home I noticed how beautiful Basel looks as it clings along the edge of the Rhine. Ulla, of course, did not notice as she seems to be quite self-absorbed at present. People keep complimenting her wherever she goes and I fear it is going to her head and I will have to start carrying the shopping for her! Still she is in her prime - all pretty'n pink - I really should let her have her day.
This weekend I start looking after two Russian cats while their owners are on holidays in Russia ( sky-willing!) I am a bit worried about their elevator as it is very impatient and nearly chopped my arm off as I tried to open the door. ( The elevator goes straight into their flat which means you need to open the door with a key while still in the elevator. This is not so bad when you are by yourself but when people on the other floor need the elevator and press the button it starts chomping at your arms because it wants to go down. ) Sometimes technology is a very scary thing.

I am quite exhausted right now, to be honest. Growing can be such tiring work!

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