Friday, 30 April 2010

Shadha, Sorceress of the Stove

Today I opened my fridge and was appalled to find that it would not have looked out of place in a student's hovel: half a carton of milk, a very sad looking tomato, one strand of lemon grass (actually I was secretly quite proud of this because it showed evidence of experimental Thai cooking) and a greying slice of cheese. Then I realised I hadn't actually done a proper grocery shop and knew this needed rectifying prontissimo. So I immediately asked Ulla if she was free ( which she was) and we raced out to two different supermarkets and stocked up on all sorts of lovelies. Far too much for one person I suspect as Ulla looked rather like a fat, pink pig as I wheeled her home and she was less than obliging when I carried her up the stairs. Actually by the time we got in she was a bit grumpy and I couldn't really blame her as she had been forced fed ( amongst other things) a tube of toothpaste, an orange, some parmesan and a cutting of coriander which mixed up all together must not have tasted very good at all.
Anyway now when I look in my fridge it gives me a big fruity smile which pleases me greatly.

There is actually another reason for this supermarket frenzy as I have decided to cook my way through Marie Fadel and Rafik Schami's 'Damascus: Taste of a City' for the pure pleasure of it. I am even going to adopt the moniker Shadha while cooking so Joanna can take a break from doing absolutely everything. Shadha is an Arabic name meaning: fragrant smell, aromatic which is how I hope Shadha's cooking will turn out. ( And yes for those so inclined you can call her Shazza, Sorceress of the Stove, if you wish.)

Anyway tonight Shazza will begin with Chicken Breast with Garlic and Coriander accompanied by green bean delight. The latter is not actually taken from the book but Shazza can be edgy like that.

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miss_belle said...

Shaz, chook? Is this evidence of yet more growth?
; )