Saturday, 20 March 2010

Miracle Whip

I have just finished watching Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' videoclip and am very pleased to report that Miracle Whip is the brand of choice in the kitchen scene. It's stellar advertising like this which will ensure my dietary requirement equivalent of water will continue to be stocked in shelves across the world.

Thanks be to the Lady. xo

I invited D to yoga today. Of course he was able to stand on his head straight away but I would win the most bendy of the two least bendy people in the class award. I don't think he took the mantra aspect as seriously as some and I could feel him holding in a snigger each time we were instructed to 'squeeze the anus'. Still he won't be sniggering tomorrow when all his newly stretched bits feel the pain!

I have pasted a couple of pictures from my trip to Egypt at Christmas time just to add a bit of colour to my blog. Ulla made such a nice addition last time but I can't put pictures of her in every time - can I?

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