Friday, 19 March 2010

My new friend

I have a new friend. Her name is Ulla and she loves wearing pink. She also loves shopping and is very patient. She is good at carrying things too. She came to school with me on Monday because I had too many books to carry in my backpack. (My backpack was also having a vacation in the bath because I managed to puncture a can of coke in it last week which made it rarver sticky.) Anyway I had no idea that Ulla was going to be such a hit at school. I mean I should have guessed because she really is fabulous. Anyway I brought her to my final class on Monday night so we could make a quick get away and everybody loved her. She proved to be very useful in group work too because I had uneven numbers and one of my groups was more than happy to include Ulla. They were practising making invitiations and they had a lot of fun inviting her on shopping trips to Milan/ London etc. The best thing too is that Ulla is not a conversation hog so they got loads of speaking time and seemed to feel very comfortable talking to her. I can't wait to go shopping with her again this weekend even if it is only for vegetables. Actually this weekend the shops are open in Basel on Sunday which I realise means nothing to you English-speaking heathens but it is a rare event here in Basel. I believe it happens about four times a year. The reason they are open this time is because of BaselWorld which is a watch and jewellery trade fair that the rich folk of the world like to attend.

Aside from the arrival of Ulla it has been quite a busy week for me. I have managed to finish a short story, teach 21 hours, go to yoga, lose my adorable cat purse and acquire quite an impressive hangover. ( The latter two events being connected of course.) Oh and spring has sprung. Hooray.

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