Tuesday, 9 March 2010

March frost

Today was freezing in that bitter, Artic wind sort of way.
Now normally I am quite the winter person (hooray for my big woolly dog coat which accommodates all excesses of cheese, wine and chocolate) but today was too much. I really felt like I wanted spring. Something to hang leaves on other than icicles. Sensibly I spent most of it cocooning inside although I did go to my yoga class this morning ( Regular that I now am.) 'Look there's that foreign frau. She goes to yoga you know.' (A direct transalation of what any watching neighbour is bound to be saying in thick Baseldyytch dialogue.) I even managed to balance on one foot today without threatening to take out a whole row of people.
I have just added a new flash fiction story to my web site in a desperate attempt to look fresh and up-to-date. Really though I need to finish something - a bit more proper like (other than another row of Toblerone.) It is my aim this week to finish a short story I am writing about a woman who has a thing for bad teeth (This one's for you O Tokugowan one!) and obviously keep looking for a new home for my Philomena story which is proving elusive. Although obviously it will continue to remain particularly elusive while I continue to hermit. ('Be pro-active' is such an exhausting phrase!)


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