Friday, 5 March 2010

back in Basel

Well, I have been back in Basel for almost a week now and true to form I took an enormous nap today which Sleeping Beauty would have found hard to better. I started a yoga course this week and I went to my second class this morning. I actually felt physically sick by the end of it (I even followed through) and promptly came home and died. I like the classes though. I am amazed at the amount of different ways you can stretch just one leg. I feel like the great unbendy elephant of the school. Everyone else is very European and bendy, with raven brown hair and probably shuns cocktails in favour of chai. But I have hopes of becoming a little more bendy with time and hopefully finding more energy. Right now it seems to sap the life out of me - i had grand plans to come home and write for the rest of they day - but I was so zapped the only writing I have done is this desperate attempt to keep my blog alive.
On a side note, last night I had a very pleasing dream where I met up with a very wonderful friend ( whom i shall refer to only as Milly Mazda.) we met up in Hama, Syria, and went out for a very delightful meal before returning to the hostel to find Abdullah was running some sort of enormous folk festival there. Abdullah, by the way, is a very amusing (real) fellow who works at the Riad Hotel in Hama and has managed to acquire an Australian accent without having ever been there.

Btw have I said my sister is coming to visit this year - hooray :-)


Silver said...

s usual Ms J I read your blog entry excitedly and then jumped out of my skin with pure pleasure when I read about your dream as I am going to assume I am the MM of whom you speak!

I so wish that dream were true. Perhaps we can hope it is a premonition of some grand times we shall share very soon! Missing you as always like a little bit of myself is far away but still connected to me. Kxxx

miss_belle said...

i say well done even going to yoga ... have been meaning to do it since advised by a 'healer' in nov ... and not got there yet. getting less limber by the day, too.