Friday, 26 February 2010

a walk with a view

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Today I was napping in bed as I have done an awful lot this week when my phone rang. It got me out of bed and walking which I am very grateful for because a few nap minutes before I had been too tired to do anything. Anyway I managed to catch dusk over Firenze which is impossible to find words for so I have attached a picture instead.

I feel a bit sad about leaving Florence tomorrow. It's not so much the leaving I don't think. I know I will return again. It is the returning to Basel. There is nothing there for me anymore and the one thing that is there isn't mine anymore. I plan to stock up on Italian produce and create such a mountain of pasta in my living room I will have to eat my way through it if I am ever going to get out again. By which time it will be summer and everything will be different. I will also be considerably rounder too.

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