Thursday, 25 February 2010

let the dog win

Right now I have a dog called Parma sleeping on my kitchen floor. She is not allowed to sleep on my kitchen floor, she should be out in the garden with the dark and the damp, but she is also half German Shepherd and does an excellent impression of a tortured beast whenever I try to evict her. We have an understanding :-)
Yesterday I went to the British Institute with Hildegarde 1 and Hildegarde 2 (code name for the two Queensland ladies I have befriended at Residenza di Palmerino.) We went to listen to a Mr Louis A. Waldman of the University of Texas, talk quite animatedly about the death of Jacopo da Pontormo, the painter, and the numerous geanaeological claims that followed suit. Mr Waldman's dream is to discover the identity of Sig Pontormo's mother. I believe it to be quite a passionate dream.
After the lecture, which was suitably proper and learned, we went to Casalinga for dinner and I shared with H1 and H2 the secret pleasures of Florence. Today I discovered my bike had a flat and so I had to go on un giro to locate a tappino which is apparently what the bike was in need of. I also purchased a v pleasing lump of confectionary,some candles and a frog-shaped toilet-holder.
I can't believe I must leave here on Saturday. I feel as if I have just woken from a coma and the minute I return to Switzerland I will slip back into it a'la 'Awakenings'.

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