Tuesday, 23 February 2010

the boffin trail

Today I discovered that if I followed Via del Palmerino over the hill it took me all the way over to San Domenica. Albeit along a rather narrow road with nowhere to jump should a car lose its way but it was such a lovely walk past rows of pretty vineyards. When I got to San Domenica I followed the boffin trail all the way to the European Institute. Truly the closer you get to the university the higher the trousers sit and the paler the skin turns. I met A here for lunch where we ate 'learnedly' in the cafeteria. After she took me down to the library where there are the most gorgeous views overlooking Florence. I wonder if one could be awarded a PHD just for sitting there for four years and making up new superlatives for the view. (I am biased of course you understand.)
Last night's aperitivo was very fine. We all sat around drinking wine from the villa and eating a pie which Frederica ( the owner - well one of the many) had baked. There are 3 other women staying here right now. All of them have come to Florence to stay for a few weeks or months which made me burst with approval. You cannot possibly 'do' Florence in 3 days. Actually I doubt you can 'do' it in a lifetime.

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