Friday, 12 March 2010

So it's another Friday night in Basel and I am at home planning lessons. It's not like I feel the great need to totter out on the streets and drink overpriced cocktails but the fact that I choose to spend my time planning lessons is a little disturbing. I am going to turn into one of those teachers that haunt the corridors of school and think lessons are the same as hanging out with friends! Aaaargh! I should at least be writing or watching trash English telly.
The bitter weather has continued all week in fact yesterday it snowed all day which is rarver unusual for Basel given the number of pharmaceutical stacks that dot the city. Everyone shakes their heads and says 'global warming is responsible' or at least that's what i think they are saying - that or why is that woman in the woolly dog coat smiling like a havana banana at all this horrid snow when all the rest of us are doing out best to be glum and over it.
Tomorrow I have to go to a training course at work which is very tragic given it is Saturday and I don't even get paid for it. Much as I love my students and want them to strive for the stars sometimes I feel the demands of teaching are taken too far. Still as it will be a powerpoint class given in full velocity German I am sure I shall be enriched infinitely by the experience - not!! I know what'Mein Komputer ist kaput' but the rest of my IT language skills are sorely lacking.

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