Monday, 16 March 2015

wine wine wine

One of the most alluring things about Tbilisi (apart from its general charm and cheese pies) is the plethora of wine shops and cellars, all offering tasting and little history to go along with it.

Obviously, they would love it if you bought something too but often they seem to enjoy sharing stories of each grape and grower. Sometimes they even like to play a bit of Schubert while you degust.

Take the Usakhelouri , for example. This is a scarce grape which results in only about a 1000 bottles being made in a  good year. According to my piano-playing degustation master, it is this grape that Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill shared together. (Google is yet to confirm this for me.) Given its rarity and premium price, my host only gave me a wee snifter ( generous enough to reach the four corners of my mouth) and I have to say it was a indeed a friend of the palate.  

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