Thursday, 12 March 2015


Intrepid laydee in Ghana
So now I am officially on holidays and in less than 48 hours I will be in Georgia. Unfortunately I don't feel excited, I feel anxious instead. Really anxious. I was trying to rationalise it as I walked home tonight in the dark, semi-lit alleys near where I live. I  mean come on. I live in Turkey on my own and yet I am nervous about going to Georgia on my own. And Georgia actually  has a better security rating than Turkey right now!!! It just goes to show how you can make anywhere your home and how we humans are really creatures of habit so any change is suddenly seen as threatening and unsettling. And this trip to Georgia is supposed to be a holiday! Relaxing. Invigorating. Reaffirming.
Of course,  I am sure once I am there with a glass of sweet Georgian red in one of their horn-shaped glasses, I will feel much better. It is just pre-travel jitters.
I remember the first time I went to Syria on my own. I swore I would stay in my hostel for the two weeks, maybe venture out for bread and the odd plate of fattoush. And then looked what happened there..what a love affair I had with that magnificent county.

Come on intrepid laydee, you can do this.

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