Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mar Musa II

Mar Musa (Syria)..half way through epic feat
I have a running joke with Damien about Mar Musa which is a monastery in Syria perched on top of a very hot, treeless mountain. The entry into the complex is through a small wooden door that looks like it was built for hobbits and if you pitch in around the monastery you can stay for free. Well, at least this was the case back before the war, I don't suspect there are many visitors today and I can only hope that the nuns and monks living there have been left in peace.
hobbity entrance
Now when I climbed up to this place it was the height of summer, I had my full backpack on and I described this epic climb to Damien in terms of a monumental mountaineering achievement. I still stand by this. A year later he made the same climb and he made some vague comment about traversing over an anthill so Mar Musa has come to represent an improbable climbing feat/ leisurely stroll in the park in our own private vernacular.  Suffice to say when I told Damien about my climb in Kazbegi his first response was ' Another Mar Musa moment per chance?'

Well, We shall see.

Georgian Mar Musa challenge

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