Sunday, 18 January 2015


Yesterday I did what I love to do in Istanbul and I went walking. I took the back roads through Kurtulus towards Taksim before passing through the back streets of Cihangir, down to Karakoy and then on a ferry to Kadikoy. It was  foggy day but the sun was still warm enough to heat my skin as I sat on the boat with all my fellow passengers, who were gazing towards the sky like me. When I got to the other end I had a fantastic breakfast with the creamiest Bal Kaymak I have had since I arrived in Turkey. Sometimes when I am wandering around on my own I think of people  who I wish would visit me in Istanbul so I could share these little magic moments with them.

Come, know who you are...

I had my second rabies needle the other day. The room in the hospital where it is done is the size of a broom cupboard. It has an unpainted wooden door with no signage whatsoever. I am beginning to develop a nice rapport with the nurse.  She always says gemis olsun to me when she finishes which means get better soon. I think she is referring to the needle pain and not rabies :-)

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