Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Pirate ahoy

The Pirate is coming home. I knew it was coming but I have to admit I had a big cry at first. Not because I don't love the Pirate but because of Three Paw and how unhappy she will be. Three Paw is a one-woman-band kind of cat. She loves me ferociously and I know the idea of sharing will be hard. Especially because The Pirate can be less than kind to her and has forced her in the past to retreat into cupboards etc. I am determined though to find a balance. The Pirate never asked to be rescued anymore than Three Paw did and therefore as the person responsible for them both it is up to me to find a way for our fambly to co-exist. I have already made plans for separate toilets, feeding stations and beds and have a naughty closet for time out. I have been fortunate to be able to keep them apart for as long as I did but these times they are a changing. I will always be grateful for the time Three Paw and I had alone.

I feel relieved though too. It's like the shedding of a worn skin. Welcome home Pirate...your fambly is waiting.

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