Friday, 21 June 2013


When I  lived in Switzerland I was lucky enough to have a number of lovely neighbours. Bona Fide Swiss folk who opened their doors to me at Fasnacht and Sylvester - or just to share cake and a chat in their homes.
So it is with great sorrow that I learned this week of the passing of one of them - Susie.
I loved Susie. She was wonderful. Always ready for a chat about whatever was on her mind: the weather,  men, even her preference for Frey's chocolate. She used to make me smile at some of the things she said - the kind of things you only earn the right to say when you have graced the planet for eighty or so years. She was kind too. Helping me when my bag was stolen, looking after my spare keys, checking the post, always telling me how happy she was to have D and I living in the building.

I am sad that she has gone. I would like to have given her one last hug.  But I know she was weary. I know she wanted peace.

Peace be with you my lovely Susie. And thank you for crossing paths with me.

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