Friday, 14 June 2013

Chasing the blues -piano style

On Thursday night I went to Taksim Square to hear Davide Martello soothe the masses with an electric piano recital. What a clever man - dragging a grand piano into the middle of the square. Why would anyone want to fight when there is lovely music to be heard under a summery Istanbul sky.
It was a surreal experience though.
People sitting on the pavement, clapping and swaying to the music (a combination of contemporary Turkish songs,  classical pieces, John Lennon's "Imagine" and Christ de Burgh's "Lady In Red" for Ceyda Sungur -Gezi's Park's very own lady in red, I suppose.)  Young police men in combat gear leaning on their shields enjoying the music too. Fathers with their sons on their shoulders - the fathers listening to the music while their sons talked animatedly to the policemen about the joy of law enforcement ( from a 4 year old's perspective no doubt.)

The scene was exquisite both in sight and sound.   It actually hurt my heart to be there.

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