Friday, 22 March 2013

Yemek yemek

I like that kek is Turkish for cake. It sounds great. I like that yemek yemek means eat food. I wish yemek meant every word and you just used intonation to show what you mean.

Yemek! No
Yemek :-) Yes
Yemek yemek yemek yemek? Where is the toilet? ( with hand signals.)

Then it would be much easier. I still haven't had any lessons so it is frustrating not being able to really communicate. I have a driver, Orhan, who takes me from school to the American Hospital twice a week. I like Orhan.  He has lovely long eyelashes and tried his hardest to teach me Turkish. Unfortunately for him I am a visual learner so it doesn't matter how many times he gets me to repeat a word I forget it the next minute.
Orhan takes his job very seriously as he knows I cannot be late for my classes. This means he sometimes sees red as green on traffic lights and is not afraid to drive the wrong way down a steep 45 ° street. Whenever he does things like this he turns to me, shrugs his shoulders, and says "Turkish driver."

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