Monday, 18 March 2013

Cold hands Warm heart

D came to visit  last weekend. What a lovely treat.  The weather was not kind but joy can warm the coldest sky.
Of course I took him to my favorite lentil soup outlet  to taste the chosen meal. He must have enjoyed it because we had three servings over the weekend.
On Friday I had to work in the morning (torturing students on particle clauses - don't even ask!) but after we went to the Grand Bazaar together because there is a tailor there who cuts the perfect cloth for D. We also had lunch in the Bazaar which meant we got hit with tourist prices but it was a nice place to sit and eat beans.

Then of course there was shopping in the spice market...

We also bought Ottoman styled  sweets from one of the sweet-makers on the street. I love these sweets. They are gooey and chewy and a definite recipe for type 2 diabetes.

Regard the twirler!

After we sat and watched the sunset from the Galata Bridge with a glass of a Rose and a strong redolence of fish.

They even put on some fireworks.

On Saturday we strolled around Cihangir ( my stomping ground) to look at the antique stalls which were full of oddities ...and cats.....and the occasional dog.

It was bitterly cold though. I even bought a new thermal top. (NEVER visit Istanbul during winter!!) On Sunday the weather was just as cold but a cat in Ortakoy found a convenient way to warm up.

Finally we ended our day at the Pera Palace hotel. 

Another one of those glorious establishments from a bygone era which once hosted the likes of Agatha Christie, Ernest Hemmingway even that old rogue Ataturk

A couple of booze-hounds!!!

When I visit places like this ( and The Baron hotel in Aleppo) it reminds how I should write again. It reminds me that I can be happy when I write.

If I can just start. If I can forget things long enough to start. 

I was sad to see the weekend pass. 

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