Thursday, 14 March 2013

Comfort Shuddering

Sometimes when I lie in my bed I hear the horns of the great ships travelling down The Bosphorus. I like the sound. I find it comforts and terrifies me at the same time. The comfort lies in knowing I am snug in my bed. The fear comes from wondering what kinds of storms the ships have seen.  Big ships fascinate me but I have no desire to travel on one. I think Capıtano Schettino cured me of any dormant urge I might have to sail the seas. 

But I love looking at them and shuddering. 
Like constantly sniffing a bad smell even though you know it's wrong for you.

Today a big cruise ship was docked at the bottom of my hill so I had to inspect it from the shore. 

After I had shuddered enough I went for a stroll around the streets near my town.

I also met No-Tail who lives on my street as well. He is black and white like Three-Paw but less fluffy. I suspect they are relatives in some way. I am beginning to wonder if there is a cat out there made up entirely of lost parts. I shall keep you posted.

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