Sunday, 26 June 2011

a thing for bad teeth

When I write stories ( which I haven't done properly for some time - sorry one fan!)  I tend to oscillate between slightly crazy tales (The Bad Egg, My Dad Fudge ) and more spiritual, soulful stories ( The Fish of Al-Kawthar's Fountain, Tombuctou.) It is like I have two different story-tellers living in the one body and the one with the loudest voice gets to shout their story next. 
Well it looks like crazy has won for now as I am happy to announce that I have finally had a story accepted for publication in a journal in America again. It's been a while - I have been too busy living and dying to write (actually I wrote this story quite a while ago - it's only just found its home now). Happy home-coming baby!
     The story,  which is called 'Ulla's Gift',  is about a woman who has a thing for men with really bad teeth. ( I think I wrote it with my most beloved ( and neglected) wise woman in mind as she definitely does not have a thing for bad teeth :-) You have no idea how lovely it is to get an email from an editor actually thanking you for writing the story - like you did them a favour! Usually it is the other way around (O thank you thank you great god of editing for even reading my story let alone rejecting it so promptly!) I have noticed a few little mistakes in the story though that I hope I can right before it comes out, which will be -  who knows when -  because right now the editor is finding the right issue to include it in.
     In the meantime I am writing another story - The Keeper. This most definitely falls into the latter category of my writing and I feel when  it is finished it will be a special work for me.

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miss_belle said...

HUZZAH! Definitely a good omen for Greece, I'd say. Can't wait to read!