Sunday, 19 June 2011

Caipirinha anyone?

working the stall with Vi and Izabella
So on Saturday I went to a food fair at the ISB (International School of Basel ) to see my buddies Vi (Alf's mum) and Izabella (Yoga teacher/ goddess) working the Brazilian parents' stall. They had lots of delicious things for sale including a gorgeous passionfruit mousse made from Vi's own fair hands.  Of course I was free to sample food from other countries' stalls as well as long as it wasn't the Mexican stall ( they are rivals with the Brazilians you see.) I visited the Australian stall but all they had were a couple of forlorn caramello koala bears and some vegemite sandwiches. (I think the parents were out the back getting drunk on Fosters!) Actually that seemed to be a common theme throughout the food festival - lots of drunk dads playing wobbly football while drinking tipples.

In fact Vi's husband did a pretty good job of selling the Brazilian cocktail of choice  - the Caipirinha. This is quite a potent mix of alcohol, lemon and sugar which I found particularly pleasing at one o'clock in the afternoon.

Actually I  would just like to add a special note about my dear friend Vi at this point. Every week I  give her an English lesson where I teach her very usefuls saying like he's a stud and then drink coffee while listening to Bruno Mars ( Vi's popstar boyfriend.) Many times ( actually try every week) over the past six months I have simply sat at her table and cried and she has supported me and loved me with such warmth and kindness I cannot imagine what I would have done if she were not here. Vi is the type of friend who will try and make you feel better by telling you that everyone is flirting with you.
'See Jo, did you see that man on that mountain a hundred miles away I swear he was flirting with you.'
'Did you see that bin. It wants your rubbish. I know it does.'
At present she is convinced that our spinning instructor is my soul mate. I don't think a fitness instructor could ever be my soul mate but I appreciate her enthusiasm, her unending positivity. 
Alf is lucky to have such a wonderful mum!

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