Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Grecian thoughts

Right now I am so tired when I wake in the morning I don't feel replenished. I feel like my bones have sunk into the earth. I think it comes from being such an active dreamer - I literally live other lives in the hours that I sleep and who knows perhaps somewhere I am living them for real. I hope this is true ( re: good loving dreams) and not true ( re: high school graduation dreams!)

I have to say I am relieved that school closes at the end of June for six weeks. I just feel as if  I simply cannot give anymore to my students and yet somehow I need to give more to myself. Fortunately when I was  sick (or should I say broken)  at the beginning of the year I completely missed the sign up for summer classes. Yes this means I will be as financially viable as Greece over July and August but I don't think I have the energy for summer shows as well. Funnily enough I have actually decided to spend my non-existent money  in Greece itself.Perhaps I can build up my own debt in some sort of pseudo-symbiotic way.

Actually it is interesting how people respond when I say I am going to Greece.
'Really! Is it safe?'
'Well I was planning on Syria,' tends to stop them in their tracks.

To tell you the truth I think I am going to have more problems getting into the country than being there anyway.

Border Guard: 'So what is your profession?'
Me: 'Teacher and hopeful writer.'
Border Guard: 'Uh huh  - so not an investment banker or media mogul.'
Me:'Afraid not although am quite good adding.'
Border Guard 'Sorry no can enter. We need people with cash to spend.'
Me' I promise to eat lots of Greek salads.'
Border Guard 'Not enough.'
Me'Well I promise to drink vats of ouzo  and retsina if you let me in. Not before eleven though!'
Border Guard Ok welcome to Greece.'
Me Efharistó ( I like to blend!)

Actually there is a reason why I chose Greece as I am going to the island of Skyros to go on a writer's retreat.
I am hoping this will help me find my voice again. If I am honest though right now I feel very ambivalent about going. I don't feel like being in  a new place, meeting new people, expressing myself outwardly. But what is the alternative? I lie here wasting in Basel.

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