Saturday, 23 April 2011

You had me at hello

Warning! This blog entry contains some serious handbag porn!
So I was walking along a narrow cobbled street in the tiny Republic of San Marino when I spied a tomato-shaped handbag in a shop.
  The attraction was instant - we definitely flirted - but I resisted and walked on. The next morning I strolled past again, our eyes met ( and yes tomato handbags do have eyes!) and I decided to take a closer look in the shop.  Then - bam! - suddenly another bag caught my eye. Rolling seductively on the ground all on its own ( the only bag rolling in the entire shop I might add!) -  my  dream bag - sort of  kind of  - and all I could think was 
Of all the bags in all the shops you had to roll in front of me. 

 We finally met each other. We fell in love - actually we kind of created a threesome because the tomato charmed me too - and now we have formed a lovely mènage à trois.

Avert eyes now! serious bag action shots ahead!!

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