Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ladybird rescue

Yesterday I went for a stroll to the Water Tower in the Bruderholz with Rita (one of my student friends from Slovakia.)  The weather was beautiful and we had an energetic walk up to the tower ( which left me panting in the manner of a slightly unfit laydee.) When we got to the tower we climbed up inside it (for the princely sum of 1 swiss frank.) This led to further panting (by both of us I would like to add) and much groaning by our thighs. At the top was a small room  where we found a ladybird climbing rather despairingly (in my opinion or perhaps I am just projecting :-)) across a map of Basel. She must have been carried up on someone's shirt or hat as there is no way such a sweet little creature would have chosen to live in such a cold, airless room. Fortunately I had a small ladybird rescue kit in my bag ( a small tin the size of a big thumb with a picture of a sheep on it) which we were able to put her in so we could release her back in nature on our return back to earth.

Before our return though we went out onto the viewing deck to admire our surroundings and take some cheesy shots.
Rita: co-ladybird rescuer
After the release of our ladybird friend on a carefully selected daisy  we went for a walk around the park and visited a diplodocus.

When I was five the diplodocus was my favourite dinosaur so I am always happy when one happens to cross my path. This one was particularly charming and I gave her a friendly pat on the bottom since her head was way too high for me. 

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