Sunday, 10 April 2011

A drive on the wild side!

So I decided to visit my pal Noah who lives down near Geneva for the weekend. Normally Geneva repels me even more than a picture of Nick Nolte but taking some time out from Basel seemed like a good idea. Besides, Noah recently got a new electric car...
                               And he wanted to show me what a good driver he is!

                                                And what a great mechanic he is!

He even let me have a drive although I was only allowed to try in the carpark because I come from Australia and they drive on a  funny side down there.

I struggled with the gears at first!

Actually I struggled a lot!!

Fortunately Noah was close by to advise me :-)

Soon I was driving like a pro .... a professional electric car driver that is!! 


 In the end though we decided it was better when I was a passenger.

Thank you Noah for being my Hafiz for the weekend and making me smile.

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miss_belle said...

yes, i clicked on the nick nolte link. and thank you - i am crying with laughter. i challenge you now to go from the ridiculous to the sublime and link to your favourite croat in your next post. (btw i am glad you had a good time with noah.)