Saturday, 30 April 2011

More than just a bag land

So I suppose you may be wondering if there could possibly be anything more to the Republic of San Marino than handbags. Of course there is - they have a football team after all!

It is full of towers and turrets - enough for any tomato handbag princess to enjoy.

 It has breathtaking views out to the rolling Italian countryside.

 They speak Italian but speak in a very gentle way and are very patient with laydees who wish to practice their Italian. They also have lovely squares. 
The restauant scene may be a bit lacking although I was lucky enough to be served a bowl of green Parmesan cheese ( to go with the view of the green hills I presume.)

There is also plenty of limencello.

The odd San Marino pussy cat

And pussy cat hunter!

 Beautiful sunsets too!

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