Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Great Let-Down has begun

My Dad calls The World Cup ' The Great Let-Down'.
'How many days until The Great Let-Down begins?' he teases on the phone when I speak to him.
Of course, I have to forgive him for his lack of football passion since clearly we do not share the same English/ Mediterranean, Italian/ Syrian etc genes. A bit of an oddity I suppose given he is my dad but you can't help faulty genes ( I am referring to my dad's lack of football passion there by the way.) For some reason I can't help but think of the family postman from years gone by at this juncture - His name was Fabio Ahmed Smith or something like that -:-)
Now he liked football. :-)

Anyway the Cup has indeed begun and England has begun her campaign in the usual heart-breaking manner. Luckily I have Bach rescue remedy to get me through the hard times. I should probably get it added straight to my water supply to save time adding it to every glass I drink.
Football aside I have been busy not writing, taking lots of lovely fragrant baths and re-acquainting myself with yoga after a three week break. (Oh and getting caned at Backgammon - but the worm will turn, my friend, the worm will turn!)
My dream life as always has been very active though - last night I dreamt that a Toyota Tralgo turned up at my front door jam-packed full of kangaroos. The big red ones that could punch you out with their fists. They were sitting in the seats ( with belts) although there were a few with their feet sticking out the window as they are clearly not designed to sit in Tralgos. Anyway it was kind of like a reverse safari drive as they were the ones driving around looking at the people. They even handed me some sugar cane which i thought was very nice of them.

Tonight I am going to go to Paddy Reillys in town to watch Germany play Australia. One of Australia's players, Scott Chipperfield, plays for FC Basel so I think there will be quite a bit of support from the Swiss quarters in this game ( that and the fact that the Swiss are generally not famous for supporting Germany.) Of course England is my lieblingsteam but I will be cheering Australia tonight (besides I need a backup if England continues to fumble.)

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