Thursday, 24 June 2010

ah the jungfrau

I have an old man in one of my classes who sounds like Barney out of The Simpsons. He isn't drunk, just incomprehensible. He is in one of my beginner classes and I think he is there for the company because most of the time nobody can understand a word he says. -even when he speaks German! I try to include him as best I can but most of the time he seems happy to sit at the back and shout out words in a random, gleeful way. Anyway this week I decided to play a revision game with the class and when it came to his turn he had to name 5 things you find in a hotel room. One of the other students eventually managed to coax ' desk' out of him but I didn't really think he understood the question. So then I asked him: 'So in a hotel room, what do you sleep on?'
'A jungfrau,' he said with such a chuckle I thought he might have a heart attack there and then. The whole class, which was entirely made up of men, apart from me, started to roar with laughter. Ah the joys of teaching!

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