Saturday, 26 June 2010

Alfie's back

My Brazilian boyfriend, Alfonzo, is back with me for a week. he's even got a little Brazilian as part of his belly has been shaved. Not for aesthetic purposes though :-( - poor Alfie had an operation on his kidney at the beginning of the week. His owners were very worried because they were due to go on holidays at the end of the week and it meant poor Alfie would have to spend his time in a cage at the vets. Obviously I said he could stay with me as I am not one to shy away from a doy in need .
Of course it is a little scary taking on someone else's recuperating pet but so far he has been a little angel. In fact he is leaning against me as I type this entry and I can hear his little motor purring. There is something very peaceful about having animals nearby. I need to find a home where I can love one of my own.

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miss_belle said...

may he comfort you in your time of post-German annihilation need!