Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Piece by Piece

You know so much happened during my summer blog hiatus, I feel a little regretful it wasn't documented: Three Paw's amputation recovery and trip to the Cinque Terre; Lucifero - the heatwave; my parents' visit to Italy and our holiday together in Devon; a rather nauseating hysteroscopy; the discovery of the village organist's practice schedule; oh and me quitting my job in a progesterone-enhanced rage. I have no regrets about the last one I might add even though my life is somewhat precariously unemployed now. It felt like a good decision the minute it fell out of my mouth.

I guess piece by piece I can put all those stories together. Especially since I have ample time being somewhat employment-challenged.

I think I will start with a picture of my folks who bravely marched through the Tuscan countryside under the relentless gaze of lucifero.

This picture is of us at end of a scorching day, enjoying the street life of San Miniato - willing it to rain!

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